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Impact-Site-Verification: 9e9a8858-d3fb-4bf1-9996-2faeffdd9556  I’ve compiled a list of the best real estate agent tools on the market today. Read my review and see what makes them so special!

When I started in real estate I knew I would need tools to be successful, but I did not know what tools or where to start.  I would spend hours searching on the internet for the best real estate website, real estate agent coaching, CRMs, etc.  

The cost of the real estate agent tool was a significant factor in my decision-making because when you are just starting out money is tight and every dollar counts.   As you probably already know there are some tools & resources for REALTORS that cost hundreds of dollars a month!   I like products that help me to save time and enhance my business but without an expensive price tag.   

The list below are tools that I’ve personally used and would recommend or I’ve heard great reviews about the program.  Hopefully, this list will help to save you research time.

Comment below if you’ve used any of the real estate agent resources listed.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my full disclosure for further information.

Send A Thank You!

Stay top of mind!  Send your clients, family, and friends thank you gifts!  Gratitude is a powerful business tool! People like to do business with people they like, and everyone likes someone who appreciates them.  When was the last time you appreciated someone?

Financial Gym

You need a financial coach!  A coach can help guide you to get out of debt, manage your budget, set goals, and work towards your financial dreams.  Achieve your financial goals with your BPO income.  I personally use the Financial Gym and recommend it to others!  My coach has helped me to grow my net worth.  

Please tell them Rhonda Eaves referred you.

Let the World Know You Are a Real Estate Agent!

Looking for a shirt to let the world know that you are an agent?  Throw on with going to the grocery store or a sporting event and tell people what you do without saying a word.  Cool t-shirts and sweatshirts for REALTORS! 

Real Estate Education

Continuing Education courses and more…specials and discounts on classes throughout the year.  I took the real estate exam prep course and passed the Florida real estate exam on the first try.  

Ninja Selling Book

Afraid of coming off as salesy or pushy?  Are you an introvert? Hate cold calling?  The techniques taught in Ninja Selling will not only help you to sell more real estate, but you will also become a better person that attracts people to you.  This book is a game changer that can shift your way of being.  I love the book so much that I created a Ninja Selling Facebook Group!

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    These are great resources!
    These are great resources! I just signed up on the THNKS website. That will make it easy to stay top of mind with customers. This is a new twist on similar sites. I like that THNKS offers gifts everyone will appreciate.
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    Excellent tools & resources
    These tools are all essential. I finally started real estate coaching this year and it definitely was the best decision ever for my business.
  3. Your Rating:


    Great insights
    I will be looking into the Ninja Selling book, it sounds like a great tool for me to use to grow my business. Also, love that you’ve set this up to help other agents crush their goals!!
  4. Your Rating:


    Where can I get a copy of the BPO cheat sheet? Thank you
    1. Hi, the BPO Cheat Sheet is within the automation. It uses your listing and sold comps to populate the information before doing your adjustments.
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    I have the Ninja Selling book, and because of this article I am going to read it. My first brokerage offered a training class, and this is the book that went along with the class. Thanks for sharing.

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